Yong slams Dr Sim for not undergoing home quarantine

Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian was seen actively moving on the ground in his constituency and attending functions since his return from Kuala Lumpur last week.

By Emma Victoria

PENDING assemblywoman has slammed Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Sri Dr Sim Kui Hian for not observing home quarantine following his return from Kuala Lumpur last week.

Violet Yong said though the Minister was exempted from the mandatory quarantine at a designated centre or hotel, he should be taking his own initiative to undergo home quarantine.

“He has been going around to attend functions and shopping with his wife after he returned from a meeting with various Perikatan Nasional leaders in Kuala Lumpur,” she said in  a statement.

As a Minister and also part of the Sarawak Management Disaster Committee, Dr Sim is fully aware of all the SOPs, including that all travellers from West Malaysia, Sabah and Labuan are required to go through a 10-day mandatory quarantine at designated quarantine centre and continue home quarantine until day 14.

“Yet, he failed to set an exemplary example by taking the initiative to follow the SOPs strictly just like other travellers who entered Sarawak. “

Yong said the public are furious over his action and opined that his unwillingness to practise home quarantine as being selfish, irresponsible and inconsiderate for putting Sarawakians’ health at risk.

“Just imagine how many people he has close contact with,” she said, adding all the DAP MPs had taken the initiative to undergo home quarantine after they returned home from Parliament sitting in Kuala Lumpur.

“Why can’t the GPS leaders do so?” she questioned.

“It is irony to see that Dr Sim, who has been urging the people in Sarawak not to travel to West Malaysia unnecessarily, had instead went there and came back without self-quarantine,” she said.

Yong urged the GPS leaders and other PN leaders who enter Sarawak to follow the SOPs strictly and not take the matter lightly because the Covid-19 virus treats everyone equally and can infect anyone, regardless their positions.

It is everyone’s responsibility to stay united in fighting Covid-19 pandemic and avoid from creating another outbreak.