Women entrepreneurs told to tap into BROSS online platform

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By Chew Lip Song

WITH Ramadan bazaars cancelled due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), traders, especially women are encouraged to sell on Facebook via the ‘Bazaar Ramadan Online Sarawakku Sayang’ (BROSS) platform.

The initiative by the Sarawak government would allow the traders to earn extra income during the fasting month, Minister of Welfare, Community Wellbeing, Women, Family and Childhood Development Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah said.

However with Covid-19 still looming and MCO still in enforcement, she said women entrepreneurs in Sarawak must capitalise on the online platform for their businesses, Borneo Post reported.

“Setting up stalls by the roadside is a big no, for now. The unnecessary exposure and contact with unknown status of buyers (carriers of or those positive for Covid-19 ) would definitely not help the government’s effort in breaking the chain of Covid-19 transmission.

“Every cloud has its silver lining. The enforcement of MCO requires women entrepreneurs to do business out of the norm and this is the right time to normalise the ‘out of the norm’ way of doing business,” Fatimah said.

She added that many entrepreneurs had always been looking forward to the month of Ramadan to earn extra incomes through Bazaar Ramadan and BROSS could help them do that.

BROSS is divided into 11 zones – BROSS Kuching dan Samarahan, BROSS Simanggang, BROSS Sarikei, BROSS Miri, BROSS Serian, BROSS Sibu, BROSS Bintulu, BROSS Kapit, BROSS Sibu Town Square, BROSS Mukah / Dalat / Oya, and BROSS Betong / Sri Aman.

“Since the Chief Minister’s introduction of Digital Economy, my ministry – through Sarawak Women and Family Department – had been advocating ‘Business Online through ePreneurs’, which could provide larger market, with the luxury of working from home and using pre-order strategy.

“In food business, this is particularly important to avoid wastage,” she said in a statement.

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