Woman in Miri who died after Covid-19 jab had heart attack earlier

Reuters Pix

By Emma Victoria

SARAWAK Health director had denied news reports of a woman who died after receiving her Covid-19 vaccine in Miri recently.

Datuk Dr Mohamed Sapian Mohamed clarified that an autopsy performed on the 57-year-old deceased showed that she had suffered a heart attack two to three days prior to the vaccination.

“It also showed no signs of anaphylaxis due to taking the vaccine. The case is still being investigated at Miri Hospital and we are waiting for further information,” he said in a statement.

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction, but has been rarely reported after Covid-19 vaccination.

Dr Mohamed Sapian explained that the woman had undergone a health screening prior to her vaccination on June 26 at the Miri General Hospital.

She had diabetes and high blood pressure.

He added that health officials obtained her informed consent before administering the vaccine at 9.20am that day.

“While in the observation zone after being vaccinated, she complained of feeling nauseous, chilly and vomited at 9.30am and was treated at the resuscitation zone by medical experts.

“Emergency treatment was administered and she was taken to the Miri Hospital emergency wad where 40 minutes later the individual was pronounced dead at 11.10am,” he said.

He urged the public not to speculate on the case and only trust information from reliable sources.