Why can’t you think like a Malay and how much is DAP paying you?

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By Mariam Mokhtar

“WHY can’t you think like a Malay? Why do you only speak out for the non-Malays and why do you think you know everything? How much is DAP paying you?” These are some of the questions which are asked on my Facebook page or my website via private messaging.

I will not mention names, suffice to say that most of the people who leave nasty comments use a fictitious email. Nevertheless, I will attempt to answer their questions.

Question one: “Why can’t you think like a Malay?”

I write my opinions based on what I see, feel and read. When I see injustice or corruption, I will write what I observe or know. As far as I am aware, Malay, Chinese, Indian or any other race would react in a similar manner.

The Malays were once renowned for their tolerance, their gentle manners and their good nature; but in materialistic Malaysia, many Malays now exhibit long toes, have developed very thin skin and shut-out the opinions of others, as if their lives depended on it (actually this is more true than what we think, especially for those whose tainted past could put them away behind bars for a long time).

Which Malay was he referring to? Umno-Baru, PAS and Bersatu Malays worship at the altar of money. Religion is used to manipulate the electorate’s behaviour, with the promise of being fast-tracked to heaven. Now that PAS politicians have been given power and position, they behave like tweakers who after their first taste of heroin after developing a craving for the drug.

Question two: I do not speak-out only for the non-Malay

I speak for anyone and everyone who has been wronged. I do not care if they are Malay or non-Malay. I speak as a Malaysian with values and concern for humanity.

Question three: Why do you think you know everything?

I do not know everything, and I have never claimed to know everything. After interacting with various people, I learn something new every day.

I keep abreast of happenings in Malaysia, even when I am travelling. Many Malaysians left the country and cut their ties because they felt unappreciated. We lost many good people because of bad government policies.

I have a healthy interest in many things, except watching television or going to fancy restaurants. A makcik’s warong, under a banyan tree, beside a monsoon drain with the occasional waft of “eau de Malaisie”, has more character than a restaurant in a five-star hotel.

The ‘elite’ Malay poseurs in these ‘posh’ places just want to show-off that they can afford the exorbitant prices and that they are sporting the latest imported shoes, handbags or smartphones.

They talk loudly in their ridiculous American MTV accent for everyone to hear that they had just returned from a shopping trip in London, New York or Paris; paid for by papa, their sugar-daddy, or lover, courtesy of the Malaysian taxpayer.

Question four: How much is DAP paying me?

It always boils down to money with some of my critics. The true blue Umno-Baru supporter’s battle cry has always been: “Malaysia is doomed because of the Chinese and the DAP.”

The same people have accused some pro-democracy NGOs of receiving funding from George Soros, but in their opinion, I am not important enough to get a look-in from Soros. They hope to repulse many Malays, who quietly agree with me, by saying that I am a stooge in DAP’s pay.

As far as I am aware, DAP depends on donors, though none have been as generous as an Arab prince, who donated the tidy sum of RM2.6 billion to a former corrupt Malaysian prime minister. How many Malays complained about that felon?

Or is a crooked Malay considered halal just because he is a fellow Muslim? It wasn’t a Malaysian Chinese who agreed to the building of ports in Malaysia by the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Other Malays have said that I am ungrateful to my government and that I owe my university education to Umno-Baru and in particular to Dr Mahathir Mohamad. I am sure that Malaysiakini would censor my unprintable response!

I am only indebted to my parents and my grandparents, for having the foresight to send me to a mission school before I was packed off to a boarding school in England. This happened before Mahathir became prime minister. Presumably, they saw the creeping nationalistic tendencies and feared for Malaysia’s future.

Incredibly, a few of the Malays who claim that I am anti-Islam, anti-Malay, anti-government and anti-Umno-Baru, are the ones who are living on welfare benefits in places like London, or Manchester and allegedly, Malaysians working in the High Commission in London.

When asked, they offer no comments about child marriages, polygamy, single mothers who are forced into prostitution to feed their children, mat rempits, our failing education, or corrupt Umno-Baru and PAS leaders.

Some of my critics allegedly live-off state money, in a house provided by the council, travel to Malaysia regularly (despite claiming poverty) and are happy to receive money from a Christian nation. Their hypocrisy stinks more than a Malaysian parit (drain).

So, let’s keep the conversation going in 2021. If we are to rebuild Malaysia, we may as well be sincere and share our opinions. I am willing, but are you?

Mariam Mokhtar is a defender of the truth, the admiral-general of the Green Bean Army and president of the Perak Liberation Organisation (PLO). Blog, Twitter.

This article first appeared in Malaysiakini