Villager in Lawas attacks fireman putting out fire (video)

By John Isaac

A FIREMAN was attacked yesterday evening when he was putting out fire with his colleagues at Kampung Belipat, Lawas in the Limbang Division, Kuching.

Disappointed with the 3.18pm incident, Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department director Khirudin Drahman urged the public not to interfere with a fireman’s duty, adding that this was the first time such a case occurred in Sarawak.

According to Khirudin, the incident began when a man who arrived at the location during the fire and became emotional after seeing his heritage home getting burned.

Khirudin said after putting out the fire, the fireman involved went to a police station to lodge a report.

“He lodged a police report on the same day at 9.14pm but at about 12.45am today, he retracted his report after the attacker apologised to him and expressed regret over the incident,” he said in a statement today.

A video posted on social media platforms recently showed a man getting angry and throwing things around while yelling at the firemen on duty.

Not too long after, another man, the attacker, started charging forward and pushed the fireman to the ground.

Khirudin said he was glad that his officers had acted professionally while on duty by being considerate and understanding of the situation at hand.

“It is important to note that according to Section 51 of the Fire Services Act 1988, wilfully abusing, assaulting, disturbing, hindering, obstructing, or interfering with a fireman’s duty is an offence.

“If found guilty, the perpetrator can be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed for five years or both. Therefore, the department hopes such an incident will not recur,” he added.