UUM lecturer slammed for RM2,000 reward to reveal identity of delivery rider helped by DAP rep

By S. Harrish

BUKIT Mertajam MP Steven Sim has proven his act of helping a Foodpanda delivery rider for whom he had bought a new motorbike, after a controversial UUM senior lecturer questioned it.

Sim together with delivery rider Anas Hazmi Ahmad yesterday held a press conference to show the bike title that was registered to him.

They were forced to do so after lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff said he wanted to verify the donation and even put up a RM2,000 reward for anyone who could reveal Anas identity.

Earlier in April, Kamarul had also criticised Sim for publicising his donation and cautioned Muslims from accepting assistance from “Christian evangelists”.

Sim has said he will sue Kamarul over his allegations.

During the press conference, Anas confirmed that Sim had donated a motorcycle to him and showed the bike grant to prove it.

“All this while, I requested for Sim to not reveal my identity. And I thank the media for working hard to protect me even though I was attacked and accused of all sorts of things.

“I feel disappointed that some would offer RM2,000 (for my details) as if I am a criminal when I did no wrong.

“I hope the public will stop slandering me and Sim and allow me to continue on with my life without this kind of disruption,” Anas said, according to Malaysiakini.

On allegations that Sim was trying to spread Christianity through his charitable act, Anas said Sim had never talked to him about religion.

“He has never talked about any religion or raised any topic related to religion with me,” he added.

Sim, who is a DAP MP, had said the donation was made after learning the latter did his food delivery rounds on a borrowed bicycle to make ends meet.

Delivering food was his second job as his other occupation earned him just RM500 a month and he continued to work two jobs even during Ramadan.

“I am a politician. So if they want to criticise or challenge me, I can accept that.

“But what I can’t accept is he put a price on the head of someone who received assistance from me.

“This is extreme,” he said.

Kamaral had since shared an article on Sumberkini quoting him as stating that the offer of RM2,000 is closed as he had found out who Anas is.

He also revealed Anas’ full name, the polytechnic he is studying in and reportedly said he will also investigate Anas’ family background back in Kelantan.