Unique houseboat for anglers in Saratok

By Robert Kenneth

ANGLERS who are looking for a unique way of going out for their fishing trip and at the same time go holidaying with their loved ones or friends can try the houseboat in Saratok district.

The boathouse built and owned by 31-year-old fisherman Muhd Izuandie Jamali from Kampung Melango Lama is up for rent for those wanting to cruise along a river stretching from Kampung Kupang, Kampung Lubuk Tanah up to Kampung Gembus.

Named “Perauk Sewa” the boat provides comfortable accommodation for up to a maximum of six persons at any one time with queen sized mattress in the cabins, a flat-screen TV, a mini-kitchen, toilet and an outdoor deck.

Passengers can also sleep on the covered deck while cruising along the river.

Muhd Izuandie said the idea to build it came some three months ago when he thought of a houseboat with accommodation for fishing enthusiasts.

Built solely by himself, Muhd Izuandie said the 34-foot-long houseboat had cost about RM25,000 – a huge sum of money from his savings.

He said the boat is also equipped with basic safety facilities and equipment such as life jackets and that COVID-19 prevention standard operating procedures (SOP) are in place – monitoring and checking passengers’ temperature, adding that he also provides fishing equipment for rent.

“With this houseboat, I hope I can earn more income to help my family,” Muhd Izuandie told Bernama.

Earning his living by only working as a fisherman, Muhd Izuandie, who married last year, held the view that he had to think another way to upgrade his living standard so that he can provide a better a life for his future children.

“I’d rather look at the pandemic as an opportunity to widen my skills in building good boats and use it for another source of income.

“I also would like to take this opportunity to thank the government for the allowance increment to fishermen, but I realise that I cannot solely depend on the government’s allowance.

“So, I take this as a challenge and hope that the people, especially Sarawakians will give their support,” he added.