Umno’s demands a constant threat to the administration

Muhyiddin – Picture from The Star


Alexander Abraham Lundu

If I were Anwar Ibrahim, there was no way I would trust Dr Mahathir Mohamad again. He let down Anwar once and there is surely no guarantee he would not do it again.

It is totally acceptable, the fact that Anwar does not trust Dr M and is adamant not to accept the deputy prime ministerial position based on a six month promise.

There is no guarantee, the master tactician (Dr M) won’t pull another rabbit from his hat when the six months are almost up. What puzzles me is that Dr M keeps saying that he is being forced to stay on because the rakyat want him.

Seriously, do the rakyat really want Dr M to stay on as premier? Are Malaysians so desperate that we do not have any other candidate and have to rely on Dr M to save us? To me personally, that is something only Dr M wants to believe.

As the current political scenario continues, I would say the clear winner is none other than current premier, Muhyiddin Yassin. Throughout the brickbat between Anwar and Dr M, Muhyiddin has remained quiet.

He must have a really good team who has advised him to simply continue working and be quiet. And it has certainly worked. Most people today have accepted Muhyiddin as the premier – back door, front door or whatever door.

The problem with Anwar and Dr M, even when they were in power is that they do not know when to keep their mouth shut. They love washing dirty linen in public and it has reached a stage where the people simply cannot take it anymore.

The only concern the rakyat have about Muhyiddin is his health and the threat posed by Umno – the pack of hyenas in waiting.

From the rumour mill, it is learnt that Muhyiddin is under tremendous pressure from Umno who are constantly making all kinds of demands. As usual, Umno is power crazy and no matter how many pictures Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi take together, everyone knows they stand divided.

Najib is hard up to make a comeback, while Zahid is also desperate to become PM. They are constantly putting pressure on Muhyiddin with all kinds of demands and rumours are rife that because of this, Muhyiddin may be forced to call for a general election.

Umno is confident that they will once again emerge victorious, especially with their alliance with PAS.

Pakatan Harapan will not stand much of a chance if a GE is called and would probably once again end up in the opposition bloc. I honestly feel sad for Muhyiddin … It is like being between the devil and the deep blue sea.

So, what would be the best bet for Muhyiddin at a time like this? Perhaps he should strike a deal with Anwar and join forces to become stronger, throwing Umno out of the picture.

Also, many wonder what the likes of Mohamad Hasan and other Umno stalwarts like Nazri Aziz, Khaled Nordin are up to. They have remained quiet throughout this whole fiasco and we wonder if there is something else brewing.

As for Sarawak’s GPS, it is time for them to make a decision. Sarawakians are already upset with them over their alliance with PAS and it would be better for them to strike a deal with Anwar.

What future does GPS have by staying with Perikatan Nasional? They only risk losing more state seats in the coming Sarawak election.

If it is true that Sarawak leaders met Anwar in secret, then hopefully they have come to some sort of deal which would benefit Sarawakians.

For now, under Muhyiddin, Sarawakians seem to be getting a fair deal, but what happens when greedy Umno takes over? Sarawakians would probably be left high and dry again.

Lastly, I have been wondering, why is Dr M so persistent in wanting another six months as the prime minister? Is there some unfinished business between him and his cronies which needs to be completed?

Alexander Abraham Lundu is a reader of The New Sarawak from Miri. The views here do not necessarily represent those of this portal.