Tun M: DAP will not destroy Malays, crooks will

Tun Dr Mahathir – Reuters Picture


By S. Harrish

FORMER PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has labelled Malays who are afraid of DAP as “cowards” and unworthy of being in the majority community.

He said DAP was merely a political party in the country, not a global and powerful institution like the International Monetary Fund or World Bank but  unfortunately, there were some Malays who are scared of DAP.

“Thinking the party can destroy the Malays, cowards like this are not eligible to call themselves Malays. Likewise, those who are also swayed by these cowards,” he wrote in a blog posting.

Dr Mahathir said this as he accused Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Najib Razak of claiming that DAP will destroy the Malay community, reports the MalayMail.

The post seems to be the sequel of a previous posting where he said he is ashamed many Malays wrongly believed that DAP will eventually “destroy” the majority community if the party had continued to remain in the Malaysian government.

The Langkawi MP had said DAP will never destroy the Malays, as Malays would instead be destroyed if they choose crooks as their leaders.

In the new post, Dr Mahathir urged any Malay who thinks that DAP will destroy the community, to look back at the country’s history, where the Malay community still survives and gained Independence despite being colonised by several countries.

He said those who think that he and Pakatan Harapan are being dominated by DAP, are being cheated by Najib, whom he accused of fearing imprisonment for his many graft charges.

“Once rejected by the people, Najib used the fear of Malays to be accepted back into the back door government,” he said.