There are still 80 active Covid-19 clusters in Sarawak

Image from NST

By John Isaac

THERE are still 80 active Covid-19 clusters in Sarawak, which include the latest Jalan Haji Lampam Cluster in Miri.

This cluster, said the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) is made up of workers at an eatery and entertainment premises.

To date, 121 individuals related to the cluster have been tested from which, 22 have been confirmed positive, including the index case.

A total 96 people tested negative, while another three cases are waiting for their swab test results.

“All positive cases from this cluster have been referred to Miri Hospital and admitted to the quarantine and low-risk patients treatment centre (PKRC) in Miri,” it said.

Meanwhile, SDMC also announced the end of three Covid-19 clusters in the state after no new cases involving these clusters were detected or reported in the past 28 days.

They are the Pondok Cluster in Belaga; Jalan Sebauh-Bintulu Cluster in Sebauh; and Batu 25 Cluster in Bintulu.