There are other ways to close off access to Kg Bumbok, says Kong

By S. Harrish

CLOSING off Jalan Batu Kitang in Kuching is not the only way to enforce a lockdown in Kampung Bumbok, said DAP’s Michael Kong.

Just like any other village in Kuching, Kong said Kampung Bumbok had many access roads and authorities could just man the entry points instead of closing off the entire section of Jalan Batu Kitang.

He said this was similar to what happened in Kampung Bintawa Tengah, where there are multiple access points and personnel were placed at each access point to enforce a complete lockdown of the area.

The special assistant to Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen said Padawan Municipal Council president Lo Khere Chiang cannot deny that this can be done.

“So the question here is why this is not done for Kampung

Bumbok?” he asked in a statement today.

“Any reasonable person who understands the plight of the people, including the road users, would have thought of this.”

For example, he said Kampung Tabuan Abdul Drahman had a total of

eight roads that allowed access to the area.

“What the authorities did was to place policemen, army or Rela to man the eight access points,” he said.

Yesterday, Kong described the road closure from the Batu Kitang main road to 7th Mile traffic light junction as illogical and caused much inconveniences to the local residents.

However, Lo explained that the road closure was a ‘necessary inconvenience’ in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.