The man behind the stunning viral photos of Kuching not even a professional photographer

Instagram @jacksonpang5077

By Emma Victoria

RECENTLY, a series of breathtaking photos of Kuching went viral on social media. The aerial photos were mostly taken around sunset or at night and had garnered hundreds and thousands of likes and shares.

Many netizens were enchanted by the beauty of the Sarawak capital, stylishly-captured on camera, with many having no idea that the city could look so captivating.

The thing is, the man behind the stunning photos is not even professional photographer but a project engineer for a network and server infrastructure company. Jackson Pang, 28, has always loved taking photos and got his first pocket camera when he was 21, and later upgraded to a DSLR. The photos are posted on his Instagram account, @jacksonpang5077.

However, he  gave up his passion for photography years ago as he couldn’t afford to upgrade his DSLR with other additional gears.

“I need more lenses to improve my skills and explore photography further. But, I couldn’t afford them. So, I sold off my DSLR and I thought that’s (the end). Until recently, when I found out that drones are quite affordable nowadays.

“Hence, I started taking photos again in December last year,” he told The New Sarawak.

Instagram @jacksonpang5077

This time, Pang has a clearer objective – to fully focus on aerial photography and to promote the best view of his hometown of Kuching to the world.

He chose to shoot during sunset when the mix of contrast is at its best.

He would spend hours at the site to ensure that his drone could fly safely to avoid hazards such as buildings, tress, power lines, among others.

“I would spend about 20-minute flight (flying the drone) to find all the possibilities of photo composition to get the best shot.

“When the sunset is near, my second flight is my production shot, all the final shot and composition are done on this step,” he said.

Then, those images need to undergo a post-production which consists of complex processing including stitching, blending, layering which can take about one to two days.


It was indeed a time-consuming effort but for his passion for photography and love for his hometown and everything worthwhile.

“It is my hobby work and don’t have a plan to make it a full time job anytime soon. All my photography work is non-profitable and it is for community contribution,” said the Sarawakian who grew up in Padawan.

He added that any Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and media agency could repost his work provided it is attributed to his Instagram profile @jacksonpang5077.