The evil worse than COVID-19

By Abdul Karim Rozilan

It is really sad and heart-breaking to read news of the deadly Corona virus (COVID-19) virus in the newspapers daily.

People are dying around us, loved one are in tatters and the authorities are trying their best to bring the situation under control.

Like every other incident, of course social media is filled with theories of how the virus started, comments and also compassionate and encouraging messages.

However, what irks me the most are those hate-filled, racially incited messages.

It is shocking to read some of the comments which are written by some whom I believe have no love, compassion or sympathy in their hearts.

Yes, the virus did begin in China, but do you think the Chinese people actually wanted it and willingly lost their loves and dear ones?

One of the messages I read said the Chinese deserved it and that was happening to them was a punishment from God.

It is really disturbing to read that there are so many sick, twisted individuals out there who would actually say such things.

Can you for one minute imagine how you would feel if you lost your dad, mum, child or any loved one?

We as fellow human beings should instead be praying for an end to such a tragedy and not spewing hatred.

It is a time for the world to come together and remain united in our fight against this common enemy – regardless where it originated from.

Those ill-hearted ones should simply stop their nonsense and join others to pray for the spread to stop.