Tertiary students can balik kampung for Raya, except to Sarawak

File picture of tertiary students returning to celebrate Raya last year – Malaysiakini photo

By Chew Lip Song

TERTIARY students nationwide are allowed to return to their hometowns to celebrate Hari Raya under strict travel conditions, except to Sarawak.

Higher Education Ministry (MOHE) said the National Security Council (NSC) yesterday had agreed to give the leeway. The respective tertiary educational institutions would issue letters for students to make inter-district and inter-state travels where necessary.

The leeway is expected to involve 103,994 students out of the 1.3 million in campuses nationwide. The ministry had earlier lifted restrictions for six categories of students to attend physical classes, including those who required access to laboratories.

MOHE said that students could travel either using their own vehicles, picked up by their parents or guardians or use the bus services co-ordinated by their respective campuses. The use of public transportation was forbidden, except for airlines.

Students were also only allowed to return to their hometowns between 7 and 12 May and return to campus between 15 and 20 May.

Students were also given the option to stay in campus during the festive holidays.

Further information on this can be found on the Ministry’s website at www.mohe.gov.my.  They could also contact the Ministry at 03-8870 6777/6949/6623/6628.