Taiwanese Foreign Minister claims China interfered in Sarawak’s decision to ban visitors over Covid-19

SCMP photo.

By Jack Lapidus

Taiwanese Foreign Minister has accused China of forcing Sarawak to impose a travel ban on travelers from the breakaway island republic.

The Borneo Post reported that Joseph Wu had on Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Twitter page today (March 5) tweeted: “After talks, #Sarawak in #Malaysia recognized #Taiwan isn’t #China & lifted its #Coronavirus travel ban.

“Guess what? China forced Sarawak into banning Taiwan again! China takes joy in shoving Taiwan around & then expects gratitude for its #Wuhan sacrifice. That’s sickening. JW.”

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee had yesterday sent a press statement that said all foreigners (irrespective of nationalities) who have been to China including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and South Korea, Italy and Iran in the past 14 days will be refused entry into the state.

The committee also strongly advised all Malaysians (non-resident of Sarawak) who have been to the said countries in the last 14 days not to visit Sarawak.

For Sarawakians and Sarawakian PR, Work and Student Pass holders who have been to China including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, South Korea, Italy and Iran in the last 14 days must also undergo compulsory home quarantine for 14 days, it added.

Based on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) data on Covid-19 yesterday, Taiwan recorded 42 confirmed cases and one death while China had 80,422 cases with 2,984 deaths.

There are no reported death in Malaysia but its Covid-19 cases jumped to 50 yesterday.