System glitches in AstraZeneca registration as all slots booked within an hour

By S. Harrish

THE opt-in registration for the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine that was opened for registration today has left many venting their frustration on social media due to system glitches.

The slots were also taken up in about an hour after the website allowed registrations starting 12.15pm.

The Special Committee for Ensuring Access to Covid-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) tweeted at 1.27pm that slots were all taken up.

However on social media, many Malaysians said the site had many hiccups and they could not proceed with the registration as it just “hangs” and became unresponsive.

After registering their details, it hung at the selection of vaccination centre while other were stuck in an infinite captcha loop.

The bookings were supposed to start at 12pm but JKJAV at 12.01pm tweeted that the AstraZeneca vaccine booking page was still being updated and booking will begin at 12.15pm.

Even that notice differed, as the English version it was 12.30pm.

The option to make bookings was then removed and a short while later was added back.

Some users said they were even blocked by the site after repeated attempts to book a slot.

Others encountered a message saying the MySejahtera app is undergoing maintenance and to try again later.

At 12.40pm, MySejahtera tweeted – “Dear users, we are facing very high traffic at MySejahtera right now. Some of you may not be able to access certain functions. Please log in again later as the traffic clears. Thank you.”

JKJAV later said over 300,000 slots have been booked as of 12.55pm.

Many others lamented over the situation and asked what had happened to the RM70 million that had been allocated to run the website.

One user, who was trying to register for his mother, said: “I had my developer tool open to see what’s going on. The way they built it is not worth RM70 million. Many basic mistakes I wouldn’t make.”

Another user said he found out that it was being run on free cloud apps.

“The codes are such a mess. Please @JKJAVMY @Khairykj , don’t do this to us. Give it to someone with a great record of building these platforms. RM70 million is a joke, a bad one. #AstraZenaca #CucukMYAZ.”

Meanwhile, MUDA secretary-general Amir Abd Hadi said it must be clarified who was awarded the contract to develop the registration site.

He said many people were questioning why the site was facing issues, despite costing around RM70 million.

“The website has failed to meet the standards and make it easier for people to register for the vaccine,” Amir said, adding that the public had also discovered that the site was run using a free version of Cloudflare.

Several MPs also took to social media to question what had gone wrong.

Syed Saddiq and Maszlee Malik said they tried for an hour to book for family members, but were unsuccessful.

“Tried registering for my wife since 12:15pm… but I can’t even click the states. Is this The Hunger Games?” tweeted Maszlee.

“Dah lebih sejam depan PC. Masih tengah cuba daftarkan Vaksin untuk keluarga. I guess I am not a part of the lucky 300,000,” posted Syed Saddiq.