SUPP needs to understand difference between govt and ADUN – Kong


By S. Harrish

DESPITE having been in power for so many years, SUPP representatives and supporters have been slammed for not understanding the difference between the roles played by the government and elected representatives.

DAP’s Michael Kong said it was utterly disappointing to see in social media how they blamed Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen for the poor living conditions of some of the residents within the Kota Sentosa constituency.

“To see politicians lack the understanding of the roles of the local authorities and the State Government, and instead blame the DAP for not being able to bring development or improve the public infrastructures of the community is baffling.”

He said matters tied to development such as land, roads, drainage and also local councils were under the GPS government and only they can carry out improvements.

“What is more astonishing is that some quarters argue that they will need to be elected into office in order to resolve these issues. These illogical politicians should realise that these issues fall directly under the jurisdiction of the ministry of Local Government and Housing, which is helmed by Dr Sim Kui Hian.”

Kong, who is also Chong’s special assistant, said with GPS being part of the Federal Government, State Government and local government, SUPP had all the power and authority to make things right.

He said that despite not being in the government, DAP had over the decades been helping the public in different ways.

“Without any form of funds or allocation from the State government for opposition-held constituencies, DAP has to resort to seeking public donations or dig into personal savings.”

He said GPS should bring the much-needed development to entire Sarawak regardless of whether areas were held by GPS or the opposition.

“The people are sick and tired of the constant threat by GPS and their representatives that development will come only to those who vote for them. This tactic does not work anymore in this day and age.”