Sudden power cuts in flood-hit areas of Sarawak

One of the submerged substations at SK Nanga Bawai, Kapit that had to be shut down due to flood. -SEB pic

By S. Harrish

SUDDEN power outages may occur in flood hit areas of the state as Sarawak Energy Bhd will switch off supply to substations and other facilities without prior notice.

SEB said in a statement that this could happen during a flood or if rising waters causes a dangerous situation and power will only be restored when it was safe to do so.

The utility company is closely monitoring the flood situation in Sarawak due to unusually heavy and continuous rainfall in various areas and their priority was to keep the public safe from electrical hazards.

A pole-mounted transformer at Sg Song was shut down as the fuse was submerged due to flood -SEB pic

It also urged the public to take safety precautions during heavy rain or rising waters to minimise risks in the event of a flood.

The public are urged to turn off the home supply at the main switchboard at the earliest sign of rising waters and move electrical equipment to an elevated position or area above the anticipated flood level.

It further said that during floods, people should avoid using electrical appliances and not to go near submerged electrical installations such as poles, substations and transformers.

If in a boat at a flooded area, people should be cautious of power lines as swollen rivers may bring them closer to high tension lines.

It said that after a flood, beware of fallen electrical poles and stay away from fallen electrical lines as they may still be live.

Also do not attempt to operate electrical appliances if these have been submerged in flood waters as it may cause electrocution or fire.