Students claim Sabah quarantine centres dirty

By S.Harrish

CONDITIONS at quarantine centres in Sabah are allegedly not conducive with some students deciding to stay in hotels instead.

TheStar reported that students needing to stay in quarantine centres provided by the state government after coming back from overseas were concerned about its state of condition and not willing to stay there.

However, after discussions with the authorities, they were allowed to check into selected hotels as long as they paid for the rooms themselves.

One of the student’s parents, Sheilla Chong, said that her daughter and friends were asked to head straight to one of the quarantine centers upon arrival but they refused to stay there as the place was dirty and cramped.

“How can such a place be used for quarantine, especially now that it is most important to be clean,” she asked.

She said her friends’ children who returned from the United States were asked to stay at another quarantine centre that faced similar problems.

“I am sure not all quarantine centres in Sabah have the same problem, but the ones we were asked to go to were uninhabitable,” Chong said.

She said under present circumstances, she understood that the government was trying its best to handle the Covid-19 pandemic but letting people stay in such facilities would probably bring more harm than good.

“We are not asking for five-star facilities but at least the place has to be clean with basic amenities,” Chong said.

Nevertheless, she thanked those who helped her solve the problem.

State Health director Datuk Dr Christina Rundi said they were currently addressing the issue.