Sibu teacher visits students at home to mark assignments

Picture from Harian Metro

By John Isaac

WITH the current Covid-19 pandemic and MCO, students are finding it an uphill task to keep up with their school work, especially with many suffering from a lack of internet coverage.

For students from SMK Sibu Jaya, Sibu they have been blessed with a teacher who is so dedicated, she drives to the homes of some students to mark their assignments at their gates.

Mujalifah Kassim teaches Bahasa Malaysia and has been conducting online classes since the Ministry of Education ordered all schools to close from Nov 9.

She told Harian Metro she had been using Google Classroom, Google Meet and WhatsApp for the home-based learning.

However, the 39-year-old teacher said some students do not have the electronic devices nor internet access at home, especially those who live in longhouses outside the city.

“So, I make it a point to visit these students every week and mark their assignments as well as give them feedback,” she said.

Fondly known as Cikgu Muja, the teacher of 12 years said she did not want any student to feel left out and hoped that visiting them personally would motivate them to work hard.

The mother of two said she would visit her students every Friday.

Her dedication first came to light when a former student caught her in action at a student’s house where she was teaching him across the gate and later uploaded the picture on social media.

She said she did not expect the picture to go viral.

“Many parents have asked me to come inside and not stay outside in the sun. However, I do not go inside as I cannot spend too much time with each student,” she said.

Also, she said she wanted to comply with the SOPs set by the ministry.

“I know many teachers are doing their best during these trying times and hope things will get better soon,” she added.