Sibu Municipal Council’s works worsened flooding, says Adun

Chang visiting the affected area. – Handout photo.

By Chew Lip Song

THE Sibu Municipal Council’s (SMC) road surfacing and repair works along Jalan Amoy has made the flooding problem in the vicinity worse, the Bukit Assek assemblywoman Irene Chang said.

She said she had received complaints from residents nearby that while the road had been upgraded and tar-sealed, the recent rainfall had caused parts of the area to be submerged under floods as deep as 12cm.

“I understand from the residents that before the recent works, there were two pipes running beneath the road to drain all rain waters into the monsoon stream at Chengal Road. Whenever it used to rain, whatever flash flood which occurred would subside within 2-3 hours after the rain stopped.

“However, during the recent works, the residents complained that they had seen the men at work allowing the end openings of the 2 pipes to be blocked with stones and gravels and which have resulted in the pipes having no outlets for the water to drain out into the monsoon stream,” she said in a statement.

She added that SMC had the responsibility to ensure that work was carried out properly and efficiently, including making sure contractors take note of the existing structures that may or may not be on the road.

Otherwise, it’d only be a waste of taxpayers’ money and cause inconvenience or harm to the public.

Chang added that the stagnant water collected along Jalan Amoy could allow mosquitoes to breed and infectious diseases to spread.

“The residents whose  houses are affected now live in apprehension and torment of having to step into the flood waters every other day when they have to enter or come out of their house.

“The permanent rain water have also caused potholes in some parts of the newly surfaced road, thereby wasting the efforts made in upgrading the road.

“I therefore urge SMC to check on the veracity of the residents’ complaints, if indeed the openings to the pipes beneath the road have been blocked and if it is the source of the problem now faced by the people staying in Jalan Amoy,” she said adding that if the claims were true, the contractor needed to repair it at their own costs.