Sarawakian who turned her passion into a dream career

Daphne Siaw with her mural at Blokke, Citta Mall in Kuala Lumpur.

SEVEN years ago, Daphne Siaw was trusted with a wall in a new house – to paint Marilyn Monroe despite having zero experience in creating a mural.

“One fine day I received a text from a friend that she was moving into a new house and wanted a mural in her bedroom.

She believed I can do it after seeing some of my paintings and drawings which I posted on Facebook.

I was a bit worried but excited. So, I decided to give it a try. And this was how it started…” she recalled.

Daphne’s first Marilyn Monroe mural painting in 2013.

Today, the 31-year-old from Sibu is known for her murals and portrait paintings.

Move around the state’s capital and you will surely spot some creative pieces – which was done by the young and cheerful lady.

Siaw has always loved drawing and sketching since young.

Despite being passionate in arts, she never thought that her talent would actually turn into a fulfilling career.

Thus, upon completing her Degree in Marketing, she went on to look for a day job as a marketing coordinator with a development firm and an architecture firm.

She used part of her income to buy more painting materials and tools, to further explore and improve her skills in her free time.

The self-taught artist set up a Facebook page and blog in 2013, to share about her artworks and started getting small commissions for them since then.

“I went full time in 2017 after the Feast and Furious cafe mural in 2016 which really helped kick start my portfolio,” she told The New Sarawak recently.

“The mural was done in line-art sketch style, which is one of the most unique art piece I have ever done,” she said.

Feast and Furious Cafe Mural Painting by Artsy Daphy in 2016.

Soon after, she started her art company ‘Artsy Daphy’.

To date, “Artsy Daphy” has done about 80 murals, all over Sarawak, Sabah, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

They are in all sorts of styles, from portraits to modern art, including environmental awareness, installations or sculptures.

The artist strongly believes that anything is possible with consistent hard work, good work ethics and a good attitude. Thus, she hopes her journey will inspire more people who wish to pursue something they are passionate about.

“I hope to build a team of creative talents to deliver quality designs, artwork and media work. And in the process, making our world (online and offline) a more beautiful and happier place,” she said.

Murals for Tune Hotels Waterfront Kuching in 2019 which features the weaving works of the Keling and Kumang by the indigenous community (Dayaks) of Sarawak,