Sarawakian in KL gets to enjoy “kuih bongkol” – thanks to kind shop owner

By John Isaac

SINCE the implementation of the Movement Control Order since last year, many Sarawakians have been unable to go home, missing not only loved ones, but also their favourite foods.

Among them is Moris, who hails from Kuching and now lives in Kuala Lumpur. Since moving to Kuala Lumpur, she has been looking out for the Sarawak delicacy, kuih bongkol, which is made from coconut milk and gula apong.

“After looking high and low, I chanced upon a business on Instagram, @dapomakkamek that specialises in kuih bongkol and mee belacan,” she said.

Moris contacted the restaurant and requested a minimum order since she lives alone and wanted to taste the dish first.

However, the business owner told her that the delivery alone would be RM12, so Moris decided to hold the order and get a few more friends who would also want the kuih to share the charges

“After a while, the shop owner texted me and said they would send me the kuih for free as they understood how some Sarawakians are so homesick and miss their local delicacies.”

The owner asked Moris how many sets of kuih she wanted and Moris said would just like to have two sets.

“I can send you the kuih first and you can pay me once you have the money. I feel pity seeing some unable to have the kuih. I’m not really looking for profits, just want people to taste the kuih,” said the owner.

Moris said she was shocked and touched by the kindness of the shop owner for being so generous.

The owner in return said she was aware how difficult it was to find kuih bongkol in West Malaysia and had decided to sell it to satisfy the cravings of Sarawakians away from home.

“We decided to give Moris the kuih for free because we understand that it’s a difficult time for everyone out there, and hopefully our kuih bongkol can make them smile even when times are tough!”