Sarawak won’t follow new MM2H conditions – Karim


THE Sarawak-Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H) programme is not affected by new requirements for the MM2H programme at the federal level which will take effect in October, said state tourism, arts and culture minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

He said the S-MM2H programme would stick to the existing criteria in use since Sept 1 last year as the programme had always been aimed at attracting quality visitors to Sarawak.

“As part of Sarawak’s post-Covid-19 development strategy, we will continue to actively diversify our tourism beyond leisure tourism by looking at the potential of S-MM2H in bringing quality visitors to Sarawak,” he told a press conference at his office in Petra Jaya here today.

According to him, applications for the S-MM2H programme are scrutinised by an independent panel chaired by his ministry and which involves the immigration department, the chief minister’s office, state attorney-general’s office, federal tourism, arts and culture ministry and several other state and federal agencies.

“The promotion of a high-yield quality tourism programme like S-MM2H by my ministry would certainly benefit the tourism sector in Sarawak. We welcome expatriates and foreigners to apply for the S-MM2H programme,” he said.

On Aug 11, the federal government announced the resumption of the MM2H programme starting Oct 1 with stricter criteria, including raising the compulsory fixed deposit in local banks to RM1 million from the previous RM150,000 (for applicants 50 years old and above) and RM300,000 (applicants below 50).

Applicants are now also required to have a minimum offshore monthly income of RM40,000 (previously RM10,000), declared liquid assets of RM1.5 million (previously RM500,000), a minimum stay period of 90 days cumulative per year, as well as a five-year pass with five-year renewal basis.

The S-MM2H requirements include placement of fixed deposits of RM150,000 in local banks for individuals and RM300,000 for couples, and investment in properties specifically for residential purposes with a total amount of at least RM600,000, applicable only to applicants aged between 40 and 50.

S-MM2H applicants above 30 years of age can also be considered if they accompany their children to study in Sarawak or are seeking long-term medical treatment with a minimum stay period of 15 days cumulative per year. A 10-year pass would be issued to successful applicants.

Detailed guidelines and application forms for the S-MM2H programme can be found here. – Bernama