Sarawak says thank you to all frontliners

By John Isaac

FROM the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our nurses and doctors, along with other frontline workers have been risking their lives to keep us safe and to get food and supplies to us.

They have been treating the sick, delivering food, enforcing rules and handling numerous other tasks to keep us safe during the movement control order.

Most times, their efforts and dedication go unnoticed – but recently a group of Sarawakians got together to express their gratitude to all frontliners through a short video clip.

According to reports in Dayak Daily, they also vowed to continuously support our frontliners till the pandemic ends.

Among those were 13-year-old Evy Eliza Kwan who spent three hours drawing a thank you card featuring our frontliners as chibi cartoon characters.

Evy’s mother, Catherine Foo said the sacrifices by frontliners was invaluable and were tirelessly working to keep the nation safe.

No matter how tired, or dangerous, these frontliners have set aside all self interest for the nation.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service, sacrifice and dedication.