Sarawak PKR to come out stronger after resignations

Larry Sng

By S. Harrish

AS Sarawak PKR reels from leaders quitting the party, state party chief Larry Sng said the party will rebuilt with new leaders and come out stronger.

He said the party was moving forward and was in the process of rebranding its image while putting the episode of the resignations behind it.

In a Facebook post, Sng said Sarawak PKR had also decided that it would no longer use the term “Reformasi” or “Cartel” in reference to its past internal party affiliations.

“The party is moving forward as one and we will come out stronger and more united than ever before.”

He said there were slightly more than 100 members who have either resigned or were suspended from the party during the past two months in Sarawak.

“The party had long anticipated their departure and we are in the process of restructuring those branches which are affected.

He said they expected to complete this exercise by next month and have appointed Robert Lim to be the coordinator for Sibu branch.

“More coordinators shall be appointed for other branches in the coming days.”

‘Reformasi’ is the slogan used during the early days of PKR when it was formed and when its chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was in prison at that time.

The word “cartel” was used to describe a certain faction in the party.