Sarawak PKR issues ultimatum to PSB over seat allocations

By S. Harrish

SARAWAK PKR wants the seat allocation arrangement with Parti Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) for the next state election to be finalised by the month end.

In giving the ultimatum, State PKR chairman Larry Sng told Borneo Post that if it was not concluded, the party will not pursue any further discussion with PSB.

Sng said that excluding the seats that Sarawak PKR had won in the previous state election, the party was willing to negotiate with PSB, half of their seats they would contest in the next election in the interest of the Sarawak Pakatan Harapan coalition.

Larry Sng 

“However, PSB hasn’t made any decision. They are constantly shifting the goal post,” he added.

As the chairman of Sarawak PKR, Sng said he was realistic about the chances of his party in the next election and it would be considered as a success if they manage to win six or seven seats.

“However, it is unacceptable for us to give away seats which the party had previously won, particularly Batu Lintang and Ba Kelalan.”

Sng said Sarawak PH had discussed seat allocation matters with PSB in private and the coalition believed that such cooperation, if it is possible, was the way forward.

“I have conveyed this position to PSB recently. However, their response hasn’t been forthcoming. They want the lion’s share of seats, despite not having been tested in any election,” he added.