Sarawak PKR chief calls on remaining members to work harder for the people

Larry Sng

By John Isaac

SARAWAK PKR chairman Larry Sng has called on the remaining members in the party to “work harder” to defend the PKR principles and to uplift the people.

In a statement, he said the acts of several former PKR lawmakers in leaving the party were “galling”, especially as the country was battling the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The rakyat are tired of politicking when so much work remains to be done to lift our people out of poverty and to empower our communities.

“To this end, I call on all our Sarawak PKR members who have chosen to remain with the party to defend our principles and to reach out, organise and mobilise.

“We (Sarawak PKR) need to work harder than ever before to empower and serve the rakyat,’ Sng said as reported by Malaysiakini.

This comes after three former Pakatan Harapan MPs – former state party chief Baru Bian (Selangau MP), Tambat @ Jugah Muyang (Lubok Antu MP) and Willie Mongin (Puncak Borneo MP) left the party.

In his statement, Sng admitted that the past three months have been “difficult” for the state PKR, but said the defectors have “betrayed the party for power, position and money politics”.

Even so, he said Sarawak PKR would continue to highlight the rights of the local people to sustainable development, infrastructure, electricity and clean piped water, among others.

Rural Sarawakians unable to access essential services

“We will advocate for improved access to healthcare for our Sarawakian people as rural communities, in particular, continue to suffer and be left behind as they are unable to access essential services in a timely manner, putting the lives, particularly of women, children and the elderly, at risk.

“We will continue to fight for economic and social justice so that all Sarawakians can be lifted out of poverty to attain quality education, jobs and economic and social mobility,” Sng said.

Sarawak PKR would also continue to fight against corruption, to ensure better governance.

Jugah announced his departure from PKR last Friday, saying he would be an independent and support Perikatan Nasional. Baru Bian left the party during the ‘Sheraton Move’ in March and is without a party while Willie defected to Bersatu with then PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali, also after the ‘Sheraton Move’.

Sarawak PKR is now left with only two MPs – Sng and Miri MP Michael Teo.