Sarawak may tighten border controls after Delta variant reported

Dr Sim Kui Hian. – Code Blue photo.

By S. Harrish

SARAWAK may further tighten its entry restrictions after the first Delta variant of the Covid-19 virus was detected yesterday.

State Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Seri Dr Sim Kui Hian said that other variants such as the Alpha, Beta, Eta and Theta have also been seen in Sarawak.

“The first Delta case has already been logged in Sarawak. It was inevitable and just a matter of time as Sarawak is not isolated from the rest of Malaysia.

“Whatever policies and inconvenient measures that we have is to protect Sarawak. It gives us time to prepare resources like hospital and ICU beds, and vaccinations, to have a head start,” he said in a Facebook posting.

Dr Sim said all Sarawakians need to understand the problem at hand and cooperate to protect the people from emerging variants.

Yesterday, a 56-year-old man in Kuching was found positive for the Delta variant.

Dr Sim also thanked Prof Dr David Pereira and the team from Unimas’ Health and Community Medicine Institute for working with the state DMC on conducting genomics surveillance on samples taken from various PCR swab tests in the state.

“Many labs can do PCR testing, but only a select few in Malaysia can do genomics testing.

“PCR tests are done daily, but genomics tests are carried out on scheduled dates.”