Sarawak designer upcycles food delivery bags to schoolbags for underprivileged kids

Credit: Neng Kho Razali Facebook

By Chew Lip Song

A SARAWAK designer, Neng Kho Razali, has been re-purposing old bags used by Grab Food delivery riders into items like school bags, pencil cases, money bags and face masks for underprivileged children.

Working in collaboration with Grab, the super app with food delivery as one of its mainstay business, Neng Kho has been making the items since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Credit: Neng Kho Razali Facebook

Explaining the process on her social media, she said riders were given a replacement bag every few months.

“When the used delivery bags reached me, I started with sanitization. Secondly, ripping off from its original or primary product. Ripped parts will then be segregated into usable parts and worn out.

“The mission is to go for zero waste, which is impossible as those bags has been used for many months and exposed to extreme weathers. After that, the usable parts are soaked, washed and dried. Finally, once fully dried, it was then cut into pieces and sewn into school bags, pencil case and mask/money bag,” she wrote.

Credit: Neng Kho Razali Facebook
Credit: Neng Kho Razali Facebook

The programme was launched in Dec 2020 and over 200 bags had been converted into some 400 items since, before they were distributed to underprivileged communities.