Sarawak DAP wants Welfare Dept to buck up in aid distribution

Chong Chieng Jen’s Facebook photo

By Emma Victoria

The Welfare Department should be more efficient in distributing aid to the needy hit by the Movement Control Order (MCO), Sarawak DAP said.

The party’s state chairman Chong Chieng Jen said he had received feedback that many who earn daily wages had written in to the authorities applying for aid since Apr 2 but had yet to receive any assistance since.

“In view of the plight and difficulty that these families are facing, having their income badly affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO), we (Sarawak DAP) took urgent action and arranged for the essential food items to be delivered to them,” Chong, who is also Stampin MP said in a statement.

“We immediately send over food items to them as their incomes were badly affected following the Movement Control Order (MCO). They are frustrated and facing a lot of challenges and difficulties,” he added.

Yesterday, the party’s service centres of Bandar Kuching and Stampin distributed aid to 110 families from Kampung Stampin BDC.

Meanwhile, Bandar Kuching Dr Kelvin Yii said he had also received numerous calls from the public requesting for food aid.

“Some families have been cutting daily meals just to save up on food and cook only for their children while they themselves starved. One family told us that they had survived on wheat flour for the past few days.

“This is sad. We don’t have much (resources) but we are trying to do our best,” he said.

In the past few days, party members and volunteers also sent some food items to workers in a construction site workers who had reached out to the DAP for help.

“We were informed that since MCO, they have lost a huge chunk of their income and because of that they struggle to put food on the table for their families and their children as young as one-year old,” he said.

There are 16 families living in that temporary quarters and the majority of them are from Lubuk Antu.

They are also concerned about the spread of Covid-19 as their living conditions put them at high risk of infection.

Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong said they received food donation from the public, including fresh vegetables, chicken, bread loaves, among others.

“We distributed about 100 “Love Packet” which consists of rice, halal chilled chicken, biscuits, canned sardines, cabbage, potatoes, bread and sugar – to the needy families in Sungai Apong/Selangan Batu squatter’s area.”

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