Sarawak DAP leaders question if Emergency really necessary

By S. Harrish

WHILE it seems that many accepted the declaration of Emergency to fight Covid-19 and stop the politicking, there are other options that could have been taken.

Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii said current laws already give the government powers to curb the spread of the disease, while MCO and CMCO have already been declared to “flatten the curve”, thus no need for an Emergency.

“When we look at countries that successfully controlled the spread of the virus, they did not do it through an Emergency.”

Dr Kelvin Yii – Malay Mail Pix

Yii said in a statement that if Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin wanted to reduce politicking, he could have simply approached the Opposition for an understanding.

“That’s mature politics. In fact, the Opposition has publicly said many times that we do not want an election during the pandemic.”

He said the Emergency could significantly affect businesses and foreign investors confidence, while creating business uncertainties.

It also concentrates powers to the PM as Parliament has been suspended.

Yii said even state powers have been encroached, such as the powers of the Chief Minister to dissolve the state assembly.

Meanwhile, Michael Kong said the Emergency was the direct result of an incompetent backdoor Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

He said the PN government has been in power for almost a year and yet failed to combat the Covid-19 effectively.

“In comparison, countries like New Zealand, Australia and Singapore have all done a good job in this fight against Covid-19.

“We have only seen countries which are faced with incompetent leadership, failing to combat this virus.”

Kong, who is special assistant to Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen, said with 32 Ministers and 38 Deputy Ministers, the PN government was an over-bloated administration which cannot seem to get the job done.

“Instead of focusing its energy and efforts on combating Covid-19, the PN+GPS government prefers to play politics at the expense of the people.”

He said it was a sad day for Sarawakians because with the PN+GPS government was incapable of leading the country through the pandemic.

Stampin DAP Youth chief Abdul Aziz Isa said Malaysia had previously flattened the curve without invoking emergency powers.

“If it worked then, it would work now too. However, apparently the Prime Minister does not think so.”

Abdul Aziz said it was no secret that Muhyiddin’s government was hanging by a thread and the Emergency was widely perceived as a political move to save himself.

Abdul Aziz Isa 

“His drastic action drags the entire nation into unchartered waters alongside his own uncertain political survival.”

He said Malaysians were already struggling and many were hoping for an extension of the moratorium and a stimulus package.

“Instead, they were “gifted” with the declaration of emergency.”