Sarawak considers reducing flights to Sibu due to shortage of quarantine centre

By Emma Victoria

SARAWAK will reduce the number of flights to Sibu if the shortage of quarantine centres and rooms remain unsolved.

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee Chairman Datuk Douglas Uggah said some of those entering Sarawak via Sibu would be ordered to undergo home quarantine if the centre was fully occupied.

“So, some of them are smart and have decided to enter via Sibu as they know the probability of getting home quarantine is very high,” he said in his daily Covid-19 press conference today.

“We have the data and we are monitoring the situation closely. We will try to resolve the issue with divisional disaster management committee in Sibu, to identify more suitable venues to be used as quarantine centres, which are not necessary to be hotels. Otherwise, we will reduce flights to Sibu,” he said.

He said those who tried to avoid quarantine at designated centres were very dangerous as there was a case that tested positive while undergoing home quarantine.

Douglas also urged the people not to have any celebrations or visit friends this weekend, to welcome the New Year.

“We noticed that people went for Christmas visits, gatherings without social distancing despite numerous warnings and advise.”

“Please don’t do that for New Year celebrations again, we have not won the battle,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Sarawak recorded two new imported cases of Covid-19 in Kuching today.

The first case involves a local woman who returned from Congo and arrived in Kuching International Airport (KIA) on Dec 25.

The woman, who works as an accountant in a state-owned company in Congo, initially tested negative for the virus in Congo on Dec 21.

The second case is an illegal immigrant who was nabbed in Bau during Ops Benteng on Dec 25, along with six others who had entered the state illegally.

To date, Sarawak has reported a total 1,110 cases, including 19 deaths.