Sarawak an ideal example of harmonious co-existence, says Tiong

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THE relationship between the diverse and complex mix of people in Sarawak is an enviable model of harmonious co-existence, and something that should be prided upon as the state celebrates Sarawak Day, said Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

“This is the Sarawak ideal in our beautiful homeland where I grew up. This is a land of deep richness in both natural resources and the social makeup of our culture and customs, the shining jewel of the Sarawak people,” he said in his Sarawak Day message.

He said faced with the incredible task of containing the Covid-19 pandemic and addressing the economic recession, the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government has always put the people and their lives first, from implementing strict border controls to preventing the spread of new cases, to initiating the purchase of vaccines.

He pointed out that the state was the first to independently acquire one million doses of vaccines to reduce the dependence on the federal government’s supplies in order to expedite vaccinations in the state.

“This is something Sarawakians can be proud of. Despite many severe challenges in the entire anti-Covid-19 process, Sarawak’s vaccination rate has reached 77.30 per cent, making it the highest in the country,” he said.

Tiong added that forward-looking decision-making in the face of the many challenges has been a key factor in mitigating the worst of the pandemic, along with the unique spirit of unity and cooperation at all levels among Sarawakians.

He also said the wellbeing of the Sarawak people has always been his deepest concern.

“I understand that only through actual development can we truly improve the quality and standard of life in Sarawak.

“In order for the Sarawak people to feel substantial improvements in their living standards, we must create a fertile foundation for Sarawak’s continued economic growth, and a better society where people can live and work in peace and contentment,” he said.

According to him, the state government will continue to invest in tailoring measures to the local conditions to better help the people.

Funding infrastructure upgrades in each region is one of the ways to pave the way to future investments.

“We are clear that if there is no practical and progressive implementation of development, everything else is just empty talk.

“In the days to come, I hope that the people will continue to work together to firmly put the ‘Sarawak First’ slogan into action by pursuing Sarawak’s rejuvenation and social progress, as the people sing the song of the state’s self-reliance and self-sufficiency,” he said. – Borneo Post