Rural Sarawak hit by floods, authorities on alert

Children from RH Kulleh in Song evacuated to SK Nanga Embuau.

By Emma Victoria

HEAVY downpour in rural Sarawak has flooded most of the longhouses and villages in low-lying areas since last night.

Although the situation is under control, authorities are keeping a close watch as the water in many areas has yet to recede.

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee in a statement this morning said it is still raining in Lanang, with five longhouses, namely, RH Marta Lu, RH Rose, RH Jonathan, Rh Umar and RH Maureen still inundated by flood water of between two to three feet.

RH Rose in Lanang

One of the worst-hit longhouse is RH Rose; with waist-deep floods due to incessant rain since last night.

Other low-lying areas along the Sungai Batang Mukah, such as main roads heading to Kampung Kedadak and EH Emban Ak Insol as well as Kampung Gerinsam and Kampung Kedadak were cut off by floods.

However, residents were not evacuated in Lanang with villagers and longhouse residents staying put.

Two locations in Kanowit, namely, Jalan Majau Poi Ngemah and Jalan Rantau Kemiding were inundated by knee-deep floor water.

“It is raining lightly here while most of the roads could be only be passable by four-wheeled and larger vehicles,” said the committee.

Meanwhile, over 100 of longhouse folks from RH Philimon in Nanga Bawai, Kapit were evacuated to a school nearby as early as 6am today.

A fire and rescue spokesman said they received an emergency call early morning from the longhouse chief that the water level in their area continues to rise.

“They alerted us and we quickly dispatched our team to the site, to evacuate them to SK Nanga Bawai , to ensure they don’t trapped in their longhouse if the situation worsens,” he said.

A total of 122 people, including ten children from RH Kulleh were also evacuated to SK Nanga Embuau after their longhouse were flooded by rainwater.