Rural northern Sarawak badly hit by floods


WIDESPREAD flooding in the interiors of northern Sarawak has affected about 30,000 people in dozens of settlements.

Social and environmental activist Willie Kajan told The Vibes that the floods are especially serious in the districts of Telang Usan and Mulu in Baram, and Tutoh Apoh in Marudi.

“Feedback from the ground is that about 20,000 people at a dozen settlements in Baram, and at least 10,000 in several settlements in Tutoh Apoh are affected by floods this time.

“This is the third time we are hit by severe floods this year.”

Kajan, who is from the Berawan ethnic community in Mulu National Park, often travels between Miri and Mulu.

He said some settlements were still under about one metre deep water.

Kajan said it was still raining and the river water level was still very high.

Baram People’s Action Committee chairman Philip Jau had said last week that Long Aton, Long Bedian, Long Bemang, Long Jeeh, Long Lama, Lio Mato, Long Panai, Long San, Long Subeng and Long Wat settlements were among the worst-hit.

Making matters worse, the flooding is also accompanied by a surge in Covid-19 infections over the past month, with more than 300 cases reported.