RM1k fine for not writing full name: Miri Mayor calls for restraint

Yii said Covid-19 enforcement should be more judicious. – Seehua photo.

By Chew Lip Song

THE police have been urged not to be excessive in penalising the public for minor breaches in Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP), such as not writing their full names when dining in at eateries, Miri mayor Adam Yii said.

While the police are empowered to enforce the SOP, he said there should be more restraint, such as not issuing excessive compounds during their enforcement rounds.

“There have been complaints from the public here of overly-harsh acts by the police when they issue compounds related to the Covid-19 SOPs here in Miri,” Yii was quoted as saying in The Star.

He was commenting on the plight of a youth who was recently fined RM1,000 because the latter did not write down his full name in the logbook at the entrance of the restaurant.

The youth was having a plate of chicken rice and had only started working and earned a monthly salary of RM1,200.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Deputy Police Commissioner Datuk Dev Kumar said he would check on this case.

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