RM10,000 fine for Covid-19 SOP offences starts today

Police roadblocks nationwide to ensure MCO compliance – Pics from The Malaysian Times

By S. Harrish

THE RM10,000 fine that will be imposed on those found violating Covid-19 SOPs starting today, can be reduced by appealing at district health offices.

IGP Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said police did not have the power to reduce the amount of the fine as their duty was only to issue them.

“The police will write the amount as RM10,000. Police cannot decide whether they want to fine someone RM10,000 or RM5,000. There is no such power given to any police officer.”

However, Klang MP Charles Santiago described the RM10,000 fine as the medicine being worse than the disease.

According to an FMT report, he said clear parameters were needed, showing what fine each offence would bring, so that there could be uniformity.

“Giving powers to public health officials to decide sounds wrong. What’s the basis of charging one person RM10,000 and someone else RM3,000?

“The government would be better off telling people: ‘if you do this, this is the fine, and if you do that, that’s the fine’. In that way, it’s quite organised. Now, it’s quite arbitrary and it’s going to promote corruption,” he said.

“What’s going to happen is a case where, in one area the fine for not wearing a mask is RM1,000 and in another place, it’s RM2,000.

“The person will then question why he was charged more. There must be uniformity in the way you apply the law.”