Resolve the Bible issue professionally, free from politics – PAS Sarawak

PAS state commissioner Jofri Jaraiee. (Sarawak Voice Pic)

By Emma Victoria

THE Bible issue can be resolved peacefully if all parties are willing to discuss and debate the matter privately in a calm and professional manner.

Pas Sarawak commissioner Jofri Jaraiee said it becomes a sensitive issue when discussed openly as some people might not be able to accept different views.

“So, (discuss it) face to face, which is better than arguing openly. Besides, the issue must be addressed by those who truly understand and specialise in their respective religious chapters, and not by any political party, so that everyone feels it is free from politics,” he said when contacted.

Jofri was asked to comment on the the recent controversy sparked by Pas Pasir Puteh MP Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh, who had said that the Bible had been distorted.

Jofri said instead of making it a religious issue, the federal and state governments should tackle it professionally.

“I believe discussions among religious beliefs can be held, to allow the multi-religious and multi-racial community in this country to know more about other religions and cultural customs,” he said.

When asked if the PAS lawmaker should withdraw his statement and apologise, Jofri said it is a decision the MP’s needs to make and he would not further comment about that.

Nik Muhammad made his comments about the Bible in Parliament when speaking against the consumption of alcohol during his debate on the Road Transport (Amendment) Bill 2020.

He had said that no religion allowed its followers to consume alcohol and that the “Kitab Injil” or Bible had been distorted or changed.

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