Rep: Where’s the BKSS aid promised last year?


Credit: Bloomberg

By Chew Lip Song

THE Sarawak government has been told to explain why the RM1,500 Bantuan Khas Sayangku Sarawak (BKSS) aid has not been disbursed fully despite making the pledge last year.

Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong she had received feedback that many eligible households in the B40 category had yet to receive the aid in full, especially the RM250 per month cash for six months.

“There are many cases whereby only RM500 or part payment were paid into their bank accounts instead of the RM1,500 approved under the household category.

“We are now in the mid month of April, 2021, however not all the cash aid are fully given out as promised by the Sarawak Government in 2020,” she said in a statement today.

Yong added that if the Sarawak Government was sincere in in helping those from the lower income bracket, the disbursement of the cash aid should be expedited as they needed the money to tide them over during this difficult period.

She also called on the state government to state the reasons for the delay and where the money set aside to help the poor, had gone to.

“How could it be possible that the money promised in year 2020 for BKSS is yet to be paid out till now? It is ironic to see that a state government with an estimated revenue of RM10 Billion is owing its people money, cannot fulfill the promises made.”

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