Release post-mortem report, urges family of woman who died after vaccination

THE family of a 57-year-old woman who died after receiving her first dose of Covid-19 vaccine late last month, wants the Health Ministry to release the post-mortem result.

The woman, Choo Fui Khian, died at the Miri Hospital on June 26, and the family is devastated over what had happened as they say she was healthy prior to the vaccination.

Although doctors have said that she died of a heart attack, the family is not convinced and believe the post-mortem results will give better answers.

Speaking at a press conference in Senator Alan Ling’s office in Miri today, her elder sister Chu Siew Tzen said Fui Khian had no symptoms of heart problems and seemed normal when going for her jab.

She added that a viral video showing Choo in distress and attended to by healthcare workers at the vaccination centre also showed there were no oxygen tanks there.

“We wonder if more could have been done to help her at that time.”

The family has also lodged a police report on the incident.

Senator Ling said this was a special case as the National Immunisation Programme was ongoing.

“People are worried. So the post-mortem report will give the public an idea of what happened. People are panicking because of this,” he said.

He has also written to Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah on the matter hoping for special attention on the case.

Ling added that he would bring the case up during the Dewan Negara sitting scheduled to begin on Aug 3.

Although the preliminary report from the investigations into the case pointed to a heart attack, he felt it was one-sided and caused more distress to the family members.