Relative’s funeral sparks one of two new clusters in Sarawak

By John Isaac

TWO new Covid-19 clusters in Sarawak involve a community and workplace cluster, said the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

The Kampung Sungai Agas cluster involves several families from Kampung Sungai Agas Lama in Jalan Matang, Kuching and was sparked due to inter-district travel.

“It started after close contacts attended a funeral of a relative in Sri Aman and the infection spread among family and others in the village.

“So far, 30 people have been screened and 16 found positive. Eight were negative and the other results pending,” said SDMC.

The workplace cluster, meanwhile, involves a cleaning company workplace and is dubbed the Sungai Tapang Cluster.

The cluster started following movements between close contacts, workers and families.

A total 236 people have been screened, 31 positive including the index case, while 199 were negative and the rest, results pending.

There are still 93 active clusters in the state, from which 41 new cases were recorded.