Rejected from re-entering Sarawak, Sng takes to social media – only to have application approved 10 mins later

Larry Sng

By Chew Lip Song

JULAU Member of Parliament Larry Sng’s application to the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) to come back to Sarawak from Kuala Lumpur was rejected three times.

Frustrated over SDMC’s decision, he took his complaints to his Facebook yesterday – and within 10 minutes, his application was approved.

Sng said he and another fellow Sarawakian MP applied to travel at around the same time, but the former’s application was not successful, while the latter’s was approved.

“When I applied, they requested me to undergo 14 quarantine. When I reapplied again, my request to enter Sarawak was rejected. Rejected a total of 3 times. Unbelievable!” he wrote.

The posting was put up at 8.26pm yesterday. But at 9.55pm, Sng commented, “Just approved 10 minutes after posting this on Facebook.”

One of his followers commented: “meanings, media social more powerful.”

Meanwhile, the SDMC clarified that there was no ill intent in rejecting Sng’s initial application.

In a statement, the committee’s acting chairman Tan Sri James Masing said MPs fell under the essential service list where they would be exempted from quarantine with conditions.

The initial rejection was due to Sng’s incomplete application, he added.

“SDMC has investigate YB Sng’s application and found that he applied a total of 5 times, of which his application was rejected three times due to insufficient documentation.

“While another time, the system had approved his application with the condition to undergo quarantine and not for exemption as his application was not furnished with a rT-PCR test result.

“YB Sng only enclosed and submitted his rT-PCR test and complete required documentation on his 5th attempt of applying,” Masing added.