Putrajaya halves Jasa funding amid public outcry

Malaysiakini photo.

THE government has slashed the funding for its propaganda unit Jasa to RM40.5 million next year from RM85.5 million previously.

The motion to reduce funding was tabled by Deputy Finance Minister I Datuk Abd Rahim Bakri in the Dewan Rakyat today and was passed by a voice vote.

“This motion is to reduce Jasa funding from RM85.5 million to just RM40.5 million.

“This is a huge drop from the initial budget and if you were to reject this motion, its budget will go back to RM85.5 million,” said Abdul Rahim, The Malaysian Insight reported.

It was earlier reported that Jasa was to be rebranded J-Kom (Jabatan Komunikasi or Community Communication Department), and will be tasked with building “a community based on knowledge and patriotism”, and to “migrate” people to the digital age.

However, Rahim, did not explain why or how J-Kom could help Malaysians “migrate” to the digital age or why Malaysians needed more “patriotism”.

The allocation in Jasa was first spotted by Opposition MPs during the tabling of Budget 2021 last month.

Deemed a propaganda unit, during the Barisan Nasional era, Pakatan Harapan disbanded the outfit after it took over in 2018.

Allocation to the department has become one of the most contentious points in Budget 2021.

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