PSB welcomes seat discussion among opposition parties

By S. Harrish

PARTI Sarawak Bersatu (PSB) has reiterated that it is willing to discuss with any opposition party on the allocation of seats in the next state election.

In a statement issued today, PSB said for the discussions to be fruitful, the premise is that the other party must be sincere and reminded that the common enemy of the opposition parties was GPS.

The party’s response comes on the heels of Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen’s statement about the possibility of cooperating with PSB in the next state election.

PSB said it had always adopted an open-minded approach, and opposition parties were welcome to negotiate together to avoid unnecessary multi-party contests, which will only benefit GPS.

“The party agrees with Chong’s statement that as long as both sides can reach a consensus on the goals of political struggle, there is the possibility of cooperation.”

However, PSB said it disagreed with Chong’s questioning of the party’s political philosophy and the purpose of its struggle.

It said PSB aims to bring about change for the people of Sarawak after 57 years of rule by the same parties that have impoverished Sarawakians despite being one of the richest territories in Malaysia.

“PSB’s philosophy is that the wealth of Sarawak is for its people and not for the privileged few.”

PSB’s vision is to improve the living standards of the lower income group by doing away with the lavish projects of dubious merits and channelling those financial resources to the people who need it most, said the statement.

PSB said it had been fighting on its own to overthrow GPS which cooperates with Umno and the theocratic Pas.

“We have never bowed our heads so far. We would rather work hard than lose our principles, let alone lose the bottom line,” it said.