Polls could be “Kamikaze” mission for Sarawakians if vaccination delayed



Adres Malcolm Oshern

So, how is it that Singapore, which is our closest, direct neighbour has already received their Covid-19 vaccines, while we have not?

The numbers is Singapore are far lesser than what we have been chalking up here, but yet they are ready to be vaccinated and we are two months behind.

So, who do we blame for this act of ignorance and stupidity?

From what I recall, when the world was bracing itself to battle the Covid-19 pandemic earlier this year, our so-called leaders, led by Tun M at the time were too busy with their Sheraton Move.

Azmin Ali and his gang were too busy with their greedy power-play that nothing pro-active was done at the time to ensure the safety and well-being of the people.

However, on the other side, the Singaporean government was super pro-active and despite being such a small country, they quickly got their act together to fight the pandemic.

Our Covid-19 numbers continue to rise each day and we could badly use the vaccine, but instead we have to wait another two months – how many more are going to die by then?

And just when we had the situation under control, there was another nonsensical act of power play by our Sabahan politicians.

The Sabah elections literally opened the floodgates to hell and till today, it would appear we are clueless as how to contain the spread.

To me as a lay person, the spread of the Covid-19 virus here is solely due to dumb, greedy politicians and extravagant corruption.

Lack of enforcement and closing one-eye to foreign workers is greatly among the leading causes why the pandemic is out of control in our country.

Cramping a thousand workers into a single apartment is certainly a recipe for disaster, but of course this is all overlooked due to the infamous “duit kopi” concept.

I certainly pray and hope that before the Sarawak polls are called, a majority of Sarawakians would have already received the vaccine, otherwise, its going to be a repeat of Sabah.

A reason given by Khairy Jamaluddin was that our pockets were not deep enough to procure the vaccines earlier makes me wonder.

After all, Tengku Adnan said RM2 million was mere pocket change to him right? Then why not get these greedy, corrupt politicians to pay for the vaccines?

They have “made” so much over the years and the least they could do is help the rakyat when it matters most.

For the sake of all Sarawakians and the nation, let us pray that the virus is brought under control and the vaccines administered by the time we have our polls.

Otherwise, the Sarawak polls will be nothing more than a “kamikaze” mission for all Sarawakians.

Adres Malcolm Oshern from Kuching, Sarawak is a reader and his views do not represent those of this portal