Police looking for three members of “Jes Group” to assist investigations

Image from New Sarawak Tribune

By John Isaac

POLICE are looking for three members of the ‘Jes Group’ to help facilitate investigation into a series of bird’s nests robbery cases which occurred here in the past few weeks.

Sibu District deputy police chief Supt Collin Babat said a special police team set up to track their movement had already arrested their leader Jesmond Jackson and six of his members.

“We are looking for the remaining three members who are still on the run. Members of the public who have information on the three suspects can contact the nearest police station or contact Inspector Kumareswaran Murugan at 013-8024313,” he said in a media statement.

The three wanted persons are Lor Li Ma whose last known address is N0.14A, Lorong 2, Jalan Au Yong, Sibu; Tadung Sawin (No 5 Tingkat Bawah, Block F, Flat Sibu Jaya), and Henry Grempong (Lot 227 Kampung Sentosa Barat, Jalan Salim, Sibu).

Collin described the group as aggressive, armed and dangerous. They also wore masks, gloves and carried sharp weapons such as machetes, spears and sticks which they used to attack their victims during robberies.

“They target swiftlet farmhouses that are usually guarded by Indonesians, in Sibu and the surrounding areas. They sell the nests to their contacts.

According to Borneo Post, Collin said the group had so far committed eight robbery cases involving bird’s nests in Sibu and the neighbouring districts.

He said all the seven arrested suspects were being remanded for investigation.