Placed in isolation ward, MP comes up with creative ways to kill time

View from Dr Yii’s room at Sarawak General Hospital. – Dr Kelvin Yii’s photo 

By Emma Victoria

THE night he was admitted to the Sarawak General Hospital on Monday was when he had one of the most deep sleep in months.

That was how Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii described the first night in the hospital’s isolation ward after testing positive for C0vid-19. His room comes with en suite bathroom and he is not allowed to step out from his room.

“No visitors allowed as well and even the doctors and nurses would monitor me through the glass window and CCTV.

“They only come in with full PPE suit when they need to take my blood sample or to inspect me,” he said.

To avoid anxiety, boredom and negative emotions, Dr Yii did some simple exercise such as planking as well as calling his wife and family, reading and replying messages and work emails.

As much as he wanted to pass his time productively, there are times he really does not know what else he could do.

Among others, the doctor-tuned-lawmaker has communicated with friends and voters through Facebook, made a short video and even counted the tiles in his room and bathroom.

“I even counted the window panels and air conditioner units on the opposite building (from the view of his room).

“That building has 165 air-conditions and 2,510 window panels. I even had the time to double check!” he told The New Sarawak.

Jokes aside, the 33-year-old legislator said his loved ones and the hospital staff are the reasons he is staying staying positive.

“Instead of worrying too much about when I can recover, I have seen the best humanity – the doctors, nurses and even the cleaners who worked so hard to ensure we are safe.

“They too, have a family waiting for them at home. Yet, they are dedicated to their jobs, risking their own lives as frontliners. From that I draw my strength and spirits to keep going.”

Although he could keep in touch with his loved ones via phone, nothing can replace the human touch.

“I miss them (wife and family) so much. I wanted to see them badly…,” he said.

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