PKR barred from entering longhouses in Baram

Gawai celebration (DCCI PIC)

By Emma Victoria

AS political parties prepare for the next Sarawak election, PKR has claimed that they have been barred from entering longhouses in Baram.

Baram PKR chief Roland Engan said it seems that there have been directives to stop its members and other Pakatan Harapan parties from visiting Dayak voters in the Iban longhouses.

“The directives specifically barred PKR from visiting the longhouses in polling districts such as Lubok Nibong, Puyut and Mulu area,” he said in a statement.

According to The Star, he said the directives were aimed at preventing PKR and PH teams from preparing their ground machinery for the coming 12th state election that is expected to be held soon.

He said PKR has called for an immediate stop to such unfair practices.

“PKR and Pakatan election workers will still try to get their ground machinery in place despite this hindrance as the state polls are around the corner,” he added.

Engan has been slotted to contest the Mulu state constituency which lies about 200km inland from Miri.

Mulu, Marudi and Telang Usan state seats form the Baram parliamentary constituency.

Baram is the second largest parliamentary seat in the state and country after Hulu Rajang.

The current state assembly term ends in June next year.