PH Youth chief dies of Covid-19

PAKATAN Harapan Youth chief Shazni Munir from Amanah has died of Covid-19 after battling it for about two weeks.

Shazni,34, had been undergoing treatment for Covid-19 and was listed as a Category 5 patient less than a week ago.

His wife and three children have also been tested positive.

Shazni, who died at the Malacca Hospital, had first tweeted on his condition on July 19.

In a Facebook post, Amanah president Mohammad Sabu expressed his condolences to Shazni Munir’s family and friends.

“His loss is a big one for all of us. I am in total shock over the loss of this young man who was very close to me.

“May Allah bestow him forgiveness and place him among the righteous,” he said.

Shazni was made Amanah Youth chief on July 4, last year, after his predecessor, Hasnul Zulkarnain Abdul Munaim, defected to Bersatu.

He was later appointed PH Youth chief on March 5 this year following support from both the Amanah and DAP Youth wings.